Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just Need Buttons... and a Baby!

The Moody (Blue) Sweater and matching Baby Bottoms

The Moody (Blue) Sweater and Baby Bottoms are all finished....... except for two little bitty buttons that need to be added to the baby bottom straps. Sigh.... It's the little things that get me!
Two little buttons. That's it & I will be done! All except for waiting for  Baby Jax to be put into said bottoms & sweater!
See the button holes? Just waiting for buttons to be attached to the straps..............
Baby Jax should be here in 2 weeks ~Momma is going to get induced because she's measuring bigger than she should be;  or rather Jax  is measuring bigger! I can hardly wait to meet him and I wish he would hurry up! Maybe if I put the buttons on....... he will get here faster?! LOL yeah right. Buttons do not speed up babies. I'm pretty sure anyway!
These patterns are really super simple. has them as easy downloads! The sweater is a free pattern and the bottoms are available through a link to patternfish. For some reason Knitting Pure and Simple has changed their sales to Patternfish.
 I think the bottoms pattern was $6.50 which isn't too bad, especially since I definitely am going to be making these again! AND both patterns are written for multiple sizes!! Just what every Grandma Schi-Schu needs!
 I will definitely make this sweater and the bottoms as a pair again! Super duper easy and really didn't take that long! The poor thing has been sitting around in my knitting basket (pile) longer waiting for completion than they took to knit up!

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