Monday, November 28, 2011

Finishing ?

Why is it that finishing is harder than starting?
Last week (ugh, for the past month almost) I had a hard time finding a new project to start. Too many things that I had to make, too many things I had to do made it really hard to pick just one thing and cast it on! Now that I finally started something, I find myself starting lots of things!
Now I have the opposite problem! Too many things going on and nothing is getting finished. Good grief!
I did finish the Moody (Blue) Sweater! Yay! One thing off the list! But..... then I started three more things!
I'm currently working on a neck warmer for Dad, fingerless gloves for Gil (Girlfriend in-law), and baby bottoms to go with the Moody (Blue) Sweater for Jax. I've even gone ahead and pulled out yarn, needles and patterns for the rest of the things I want to make! I've got little piles all over of stuff I want to do! I'm gonna do! Geez!
I know,  I know, I should finish one thing (just one!) before I cast on something else.... but.... so much yarn, so little time!!! I've got so many ideas rushing around in my head that it's hard to complete just one thing!
Focus? Really? Yeah... I know... it's just so hard!
So how about this?
Every time I sit in the living room......... there is a project on the left side of the love seat that I can work on when I sit there! Now... what if I sit on the right side? Yep. Put one there too! The neck warmer (just the 3rd thing on needles)...... well....... that one I can work on just about anywhere so that goes in my bag for when I'm sitting in the car, waiting in line........ don't worry! It will get done. It will!   In fact... I worked on it today while waiting to pick Big up for lunch! Go me!!
There must be a method to my madness! Somewhere......
In effort to contain some of the madness.... hahahahahaha............
and to complete a project, I've started working on the straps for the baby bottoms. The pattern requires two straps, each 12 inches long be knitted in 1x1 ribbing........
 I knew I would get bored making the straps; 1x1 ribbing is kind of boring, so I cast them both on the same needle!  I just have to make sure that each strap is worked from a separate ball of yarn! Just enough complication to keep it interesting! Ha!  I work one strap, slide it over and then work the other! This way I get 2 straps done in the amount of time it would have taken for one! AND they are both the same size!

The straps need to be 12 inches long and I'm almost there! Just a couple of inches left!!! I'll just have to sew them into the waistband and then sew a little button on the end of each one and attach to the button holes I knitted into the front! Yay!  Almost done!
Then I get to start something else! Whoop!!!

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