Friday, October 28, 2011

Wallaby Progress(Progression?)

This is just a little more than progress on that ol' Wallaby that's hanging out in my knitting bag; waaaay more! Because the KAL has been interrupted I'm just going to start over and condense it all into one post. Whew... get ready because it's gonna be a long one!

So we started with a pattern......
and a little inspiration.......(you knew I was going to put a picture of my handsome kid in here right?!)
AND  some good competition! "I bet I can finish mine before you do!"

We all got our yarn (this is only some!)

And we knitted, and ribbed our way through a sometimes confusing pattern!
Some of us are overachievers (OVER) and added stripes.... She's way past this point but this is the ONLY pictures I have! Ahem... hint hint Christen!
See that pouch? That pocket right there in the center of that Wallaby? Cool huh? It was a bit confusing in the directions, but ALL of our Wallaby's have wonderful pouches for hands to stay warm! Wonder what else we will find in there? Hmmmmm
We also learned, or rather realized what 6 inches really does look like!
We learned a lot on the way! But mostly that knitting is fun and it is way more fun with a little bit of competition just to keep you going!

We've all made a lot of progress on our sweaters! We're almost done!!!
This is what mine looked like a week ago! Just getting ready to attach the underarms and then knit up and around for shoulders and a yoke!
A couple of days after starting the yoke, here I am knitting up the hood! It goes really fast!
 I did go ahead and do the hood in stockinette stitch (knit row, purl row) rather than garter like I did with Boy's sweater! Have to say the results are soooo much better! 
It's been sitting around now for 2 days waiting for me to start grafting (aka dreaded Kitchener Stitch) the underarm and hood seams!

I felt like I had to get everyone up to speed and the blog back up and running so I've totally neglected Wilbur Wallaby!
My deadline of November 1st is fast approaching so maybe tonight I'll finish! What else is there to do on a Friday night anyway?

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