Friday, October 28, 2011

Are You Ready For This?

Man oh man I'm so tired of waiting. Seriously tired of it! Waiting, waiting, waiting......
Waiting for Christmas, waiting for it to snow and still waiting for the place I had my original blog(s) to correct whatever mistake I made and bring back Crusty Cupcakes!! C'mon bring back the Cupcakes!! ~Just in case they are listening?!
It's been 2 weeks + and feels like years since I sent the blog into cyberspace with just a flick of my hand! Grrrrrr. He he he.... I think it's only been like a week, but seriously..........I can't stand it anymore!
There has been No word from "them" on how to restore my blogs and I'mtired of waiting! I guess maybe (maybe?) I must have too much to say so....... I'm starting a new blog~ just for all my yarn & crafty stuff...........insert drum roll.............

Crusty Cupcake Knits!

NOT to be confused with the Crusty Cupcakes by any stretch of your imagination. (Insert snort & laughter here!) I tried to just restart everything, but I couldn't use Schi-Schu Knits. The dratted system wouldn't let me! I geuss because even though it's all deleted and in cyberspace (grr) that name is running around out there.......
all alone....
and obviously you can see where that's gonna get us (alright, gonna get me!)......

I guess I'm just so danged impatient, but I have no choice but to start a new blog!
Really no choice!
I have so much to share (SOOOO much) and really (mostly) I just want to finish the Wallaby KAL and be done with the blasted thing!
So, rather than wait for the powers that be (IF they exist) decide when and IF they will ever give me back my deleted blogs...... I've started this one! Just so you can keep up with me and all my yarn! Nice of me huh? (Insert happy smiley face and happy dance!)

So stay tuned to Crusty Cupcake Knits for lots of yarn and Wallaby Knit Alongs and, and, and, and, and Heck! It's free so you never know what you're gonna get here in Cupcake Land!!

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