Monday, February 25, 2013

This is Supposed to be Fun!

Knitting is fun! It is! It really is.... until you start slapping a deadline on the knitting project AND you hurt your hand AND it's kind of a complicated pattern. **sighing loudly**
 It seems that my current lace project is rapidly becoming a 'not so much fun' project for me. This is a total bummer because, it's not that hard, it's a  nice pattern ~ I watched it in the knitting lab and when it was put on the forum... I pounced!! I really like it and I want to be able to wear this lovely, blue, lacy scarf.......... someday.  Someday....
Right now it's not so much fun. Nope. Not much at all. My pinky on my right hand is swollen and painful. Don't know why, it just is. I took a break from knitting and guess what?! Ha! No. It didn't help at all. I can knit... sort of... I just have to hold my pinky out like I'm holding a tea cup and well... my whole hand gets tired pretty fast and the knitting is slow.  Slooooooow....
I keep plugging away because a) I want to finish it *Did I just say that?* and b) I have a deadline to meet. I'm hoping that I will be able to meet it, but... tea cup holding, pinky stretched out sort of knitting is very awkward and it makes my family giggle.
I've been learning a lot of things about lace knitting (in the whole whopping 3 days I've been working on this) and thought maybe I would share them.
#1 and foremost... use the right yarn. If you don't......... you won't get gauge. Sighing again... that was a whole day own the drain right there.
#2 NO INTERRUPTIONS... must concentrate. Must. Concentrate. What was that? A squirrel? Jeez...
#3 Use a lifeline. Run a contrasting thread through your pattern somewhere in the pattern so when you frog it all back... you don't have to go to the beginning. Note* only works when you get past the first three rows....... more loud sighing....
#4 Pay attention to the chart! Duh... on this particular chart the odd rows (right side) are worked from right to left and that pretty much means the even numbered rows would then be worked from left to right.... Pay attention to the chart and no interruptions... damn squirrels!
#5 Decorative markers. Helpful indeed! Between each of my gold markers there is a number of stitches... these numbers should remain the same always. A L W A Y S. Um... yeah...
#6 Practice your pirate talking because boy oh boy are you going to need it. Aaaargh seems to pop up an awful lot.
So off we go... pinkies up!! This is supposed to be fun remember?
#7 Sticky notes ~ love these! Plus it meant I had to go on a field trip to the office supply aisle at the store! BUT they are really helpful in keeping track of where you are at in a pattern/chart ESPECIALLY if squirrels, kids, TV, life, etc... keeps getting in your way.

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