Thursday, January 17, 2013

Learnin' Something New

How to incorporate a lesson for the home school kid AND a little knitting time for mom? Hmm... how about a new cast-on!
Said kid was sitting at the table, working on an assignment and I was at the computer typing in 'stretchy cast-on' when I noticed kid peeking at what I was doing. I reminded him to get working and I just kept at it too. When he heard my frustrated grunt (probably more like a bad word) he pops up and says.. "Mom! I can show you how to do that." Okay Boy Wonder, go for it. He did try and he ended up grunting like me, way too frustrating. We kept at it for a few minutes but pretty soon we were laughing too hard to accomplish much of anything.
I know, I know,  the kid was all into helping me because it kept me distracted from making him get his language assignment done, but.. sigh... it sure was fun! AND how often do I get a boy to be completely interested in what you're doing?  In my house, that's pretty much a big never.
Boy and I ~ tossing the language assignment aside ~ plugged away some more and came up with a cast-on that seems to be stretchy and is fairly simple. Thank goodness for you tube videos or we might still be goofing of! In the end we decided that we should make our own YouTube video using me and my knitting as the actor and Boy as the director! **If you listen closely you can hear him yawning!

Warning! It isn't a wonderful video and I leave a few things out.. like when I'm saying... "you wrap IT around.." Wrap what? Sorry.. you wrap the working yarn around. I had a limited time budget with this video ~ Boy Wonder was ready to go back to his work after boring ol' knitting!

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