Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Fix Your Knitting

What do you get get when you add one busy puppy, one long circular needle, an impatient mom, a home schooled (read bored 9 year old) and 2 balls of yarn. Sigh.  Sometimes not the socks you were trying to get but totally what I got a couple of days ago.....Yarn vomit.   One seriously twisted up pile of yarn, needles, stitch markers and patience.  It was definitely enough of a mess that I tossed it off my lap and onto the floor. Ugh.
How to fix it?  Walk away.  Put the needles down and walk away.
~ Like I've said before, sometimes the best fix for a knitting issue is to just walk away. Stay away & take a breather usually helps too! I managed to ignore it for two whole days, but finally I just couldn't stand it! I wanted to knit! I wanted to finish the socks! *yeah... me finish something? Ha! That's how bad the explosion/vomit was! It was so bad that it took two days for me to even want to touch it again. It was way too twisted for my impatient brain and there was no way my brain would allow my fingers to coax into any sort of useable mess.  Dang. I thought it was all over. One twisted up pile of crap to throw in the trash. Hey! Wait a minute... I bought that crap! I paid money for that! AND the best part of it was that I felt compelled to finish the socks!! All right... truth here... Big's birthday is Saturday and I haven't gotten him anything yet. I should finish these socks and wrap them up for him! Smart huh? So... I finally picked it up this morning hoping that the yarn would comply. Crossing my fingers that the kid and the dog would leave me alone.I'm on a deadline here.   Hm mm? Yeah. Let's just say that if I hadn't remembered another very important thing to have for knitting, this whole mess I made might truly have gone into the trash bin.
I can't believe I didn't utilize the best knitting tool EVER! It's actually the best tool in the knitting toolbox and although it's often one I frequently forget........ other than my patience, it's a real easy fix for just about any knitting or yarn emergency!!  Time to utilize the 'Phone a Friend tool'!! Talk about a lifeline!!
How come I don't use this tool more often? Especially when I have a bunch of friends I can call that are so close? Beats me. I'm a much happier person when I have someone to share yarn with, but maybe it's that whole thing... I wanna do it myself? I don't know, but friends make life so much better! Even if only it is to talk you through a knitting emergency over the phone! Thanks Aunt G!!
The only cure for my serious sock/yarn/vomit/mess was to call up my friend Miss Muno (names are always changed to protect the guilty innocent) and her cute children! Oh wait? How can cute children help with a yarn explosion? Why they can entertain the bored child and the busy puppy!! Whoop!!  After settling down on the couch with children and dog entertained, Miss M proceeded to knock out my mess.... .... in about five short minutes. Really. Guess I should have added some more patience? Nah.. it was way better just hanging out with my friend option!!
Thanks Miss M for saving my sanity and rescuing me from a pool of yarn vomit!

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