Monday, June 18, 2012

Swearing Frog

 I like this frog picture over here on the left... it looks like the frog is flipping a peace out sign.
The one on the right.... well.... that's more like how I feel right now.  Sigh.
Aaaack!  What?
I gotta rip out some stuff?  Holy crap.  Froggin' it I will have to go.  Damn.
I hate ripping stuff out (rip it rip it).  It's part of the process that I DO NOT like. Not one bit.  Not with a box, some socks, a fox on a train and in or out of the rain.  Unfortunately for me, the more I try this ripping out stuff.... the less I like it.
I try really hard not to make mistakes, but with the way I knit and my apparent lack of focus.... mistakes do happen.  Ha!  Mistakes frequently happen!  Often I can fudge them in..........
I'm happily knitting away on Boy's newest sweater and wondering why my stitch count isn't matching up to the pattern directions and why? Why oh why is the pouch looking like it is almost completely around the front of the sweater? Um.. it's supposed to be a pouch/pocket on the front. On. The. Front.  What the heck?  Someone made a huge mistake about 20 rows behind where she is now.  Yep.  That  would be me.  That would also be me swearing like a pirate as I ripit.  Ripit out. 
I did save myself a bit. I added a life line! I'm so smart!! I learned this little trick a long time ago when I was knitting my first baby sweater. A long time ago.  The sweater wasn't all in one piece like the Wallaby, but one of those dreaded sweaters that I have to *insert shudder* seam.  I'm not good at that so I tend to stay away from seaming. *insert more shudders*.   Anyway.... my Aunt G showed me that if I run a different colored yarn through my knitting every few inches (depends on how big the sweater is) and I make a mistake..... I only have to go back to the 'life line' when I have to rip it out!   AND if you do it just right... it won't let you rip stitches out beyond that life line!  The 'life line' becomes a stitch holder! Yay!   I think that Aunt G just knows me so well that she knew I would just get frustrated and rip the whole thing out and then not (probably) start it over.  Ha!  I can blame this whole knitting obsession on her!
See the little red line - that's my 'life line' in this instance. It's a little bit different than actually knitting it in so it acts as a stitch holder of sorts, but in this case, it is totally saving my X#$!  I know where to pick up stitches to start this crazy pouch/pocket ALL OVER again. Sigh.......
So that's what I'm doing today on this cool, sort of drizzly Monday ~the first day of summer vacation..... ripping crap out, starting over (and yes... I'm swearing while I do it....) bring on the pirate!
Oh wait... I don't need pirates.... the frogs are swearing enough! Sounds like this in my house this morning... "ripit ,grrr, aaargh, S*&%T "  ~said of course in my best sing-songy, frog pirate voice ever!

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