Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fiche Tricot

How about some language lessons? A little langue francaise un jeudi matin?
 A little French language on a Thursday morning! Really! That's what I said...

I've been working on the en tricot afghan de project (knitted afghan project) and needed a way to organize the fiche tricot (knitting pattern)....somehow (insert snorting laughter)  I got off of that project and onto French lessons (rapid descent into space...) and really felt I should combine the two together! I really think I just needed an excuse to sit at the computer for another hour rather than getting work done, but... I'm learning something!
**The Cupcakes are busy working on a second language (home schooling at it's finest!) because Big is opting for a new assignment and the French language will be a big part Cupcake world here pretty soon!

Putting (the giggleometer) another part of my brain to the test.......

I needed a way to make my latest (I am so giggling putting these words together!) a little more portable without carrying an entire fiche tricot (knitting pattern) or even using my ordinateur portable (portable computer) so... I had to come up with a systeme d'exploitation (organizing system) to carry my fiche tricot!
Wow huh? I know, I know, what a tangent for a Thursday morning (un jeudi matin) !!

It all boils down to this.... systeme d'exploitation...
Make that big pattern into something portable so it fits into my cutesy-schmootzy tricot sac (knitting bag) and make it so I can spill stuff on it, drop it in the pool....
I printed out the pattern again, this time making sure that I printed only one one side of the paper. I then cut out each pattern for each square (un carre') and then laminated it! Each carre' is not exactly square, but it's close! A little paper punch action and a ring.... voila'.. lovely portable fiche tricot!
Off to the pool I go........... and yes. I'm still giggling and trying to fit langue francaise into my daily adventures... maybe I will be a francophone?!!

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